How To Change Your Taste Buds


What is 1 food you wish you liked?? Let me know below 👇🏼 – for me it’s chicken noodles. Still don’t like it 🙈 Does texture of food bother you? It does me… I’m constantly having to work on it. I actually just had a conversation with woman the other day about being a picky eater & not liking vegetables & fruits. I get it… i used to be pickier too! 😉 .

We went on a trip my senior year of college to San Diego – we were visiting family and they had a massive garden in their backyard. I was so annoyed with myself because fresh berries are supposed to be amazingly delicious…. and here I was saying “no thank you. The sliminess of blueberries grosses me out.” That was the moment I clapped back at myself… 👏🏼👏🏼 “Listen Linda, you’re an adult. If you don’t want to be a picky eater than you’re gonna need to learn to like all foods. Pull up your big girl panties and get to work.” That’s when I decided to take on the summer accomplishment of 2007. I decided I was gonna eat blueberries in every way, shape & form. Throw it in granola, toss sugar on it, try blueberry muffins, eat it in yogurt… you name it, I tried it. I kept eating them alllll summer until one day I remember thinking, “woah, I kinda like them now!”

What I learned that summer is our taste buds change. Some foods are acquired taste meaning you just have to keep eating them & soon you’ll grow to like them! ☺️ since then, I’ve learned to like…
– blueberries
– blackberries
– raspberries
– avocado
– Brussels sprouts
– broccoli
– asparagus
…and much more.

But it started with a decision to not give up. To keep trying and cooking them in different ways!!! I surrounded myself with others who held me accountable & didn’t let me give up!! My advice to you is not give up – pick 1 food you currently don’t like and cook it in allll different ways. Stay committed to it and you’ll soon be craving it!!

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