We Wear Red


Dean has a pacemaker. Did you know that?

6 weeks ago he got a NEW pacemaker with an additional lead to help with pacing of his heart. For those of you who work in cardiology – he had an ejection fraction of 25 with severe regurgitation.

He’s had it since he was 2 years old…. he was born with a congenital heart defect. Multiple holes in his heart, bottom chambers flip flopped & today a severe leaky valve which will likely lead to value replacement in the future. (Hoping & praying the new pacemaker will help…) He’s been Cardioverted multiple times (3 of which was since we’ve been together) – blessed because he hasn’t required medication due to our healthy lifestyle. Today is taking Lasix due to having a flash cardiac failure with fluid rushing in his lungs 2 months ago.

This is one of our many WHY’s for getting up each day at 5am for our health & our business… to fight for something we believe in. God gave us this mountain to show others what is possible. And on Friday we got an opportunity to wear our RED proud for the American Heart & American Heart Association Kansas City AND in honor of all the people who are cardiac arrest survivors!!! We wear RED… in honor of Dean & everything he’s been thru AND all the others out there who fight daily for their lives.

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