When Motherhood is Hard


You know what is hard? Motherhood. You know what is amazing? Motherhood. You know what makes you feel like a failure? Motherhood. You know what makes you feel like a super hero? Motherhood.

Yesterday was one of those days.#MotherhoodRollercoaster – June had a coughing fit and threw up alllll over in my mom sports car “aka – the mini van.” They took a late nap at 4:30 pm…. Which made for a late bedtime. They cried non stop all afternoon. ….But they also know how to melt my heart. June said, “Bless you mommy” after I sneezed. And Lydia smacked her lips (blowing me a kiss 💋 ) as she shut the bedroom door – pretending to tuck me into bed at 9:30 pm.

Sometimes we want to laugh together…. And other times cry together… (even thou my cry MIGHT be a little exaggerated 😉).

For any mom who feels like they are on the motherhood rollercoaster today – take this post and pocket it. The beautiful thing about motherhood is that we all get it. We are all in this together. To the new mom, mom with 12 kids, the Nana’s watching grandkids. There is no reason any of us should feel alone.

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