Simple Breakfast Sandwich


Donuts, bagel & cream cheese or cereal used to be my “go to breakfast” because it was quick. 6 years ago I realized this items weren’t serving me or my body eating them 7 days a week 🤣🙈… I’m not one that loves cooking or spending hours in the kitchen. I love quick, healthy & tasty meals! Can I get an amen on a Thursday?!

I’m currently obsessed with this simple 5 min breakfast sandwich. THIS simple recipe is amazing so it’s a MUST SAVE/BOOKMARK!


1️⃣ Turn stove top on Med/High with olive oil cooking spray, toss in a BIG OLE handful of spinach (trust me you want a lot because it will shrivel up) add a dash of Everything but the bagel seasoning from @traderjoes
2️⃣Toss 1 whole grain toast in the toaster (we use @daveskillerbread )
3️⃣Top taste with 1 TBSP of mustard. We love the bacon brown sugar honey mustard by @justenoughheat
4️⃣ top with spinach & slice up 1 pre made hard boiled egg
5️⃣serve with 1 extra egg on the side to get in the protein we need to fuel our muscles 💪🏼 and then #BOOM

Be prepared for an explosion to go off in your mouth because its. THAT 👏🏼 GOOD!

PS- You can watch my IG Live tutorial making this sandwich HERE!

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