How I Stay on Track as a Busy Mom


When I found out I was expecting twins I knew I had to get my life together.

Today, in the waiting room of Mayo Clinic I told the story of how we found out we were expecting twins. And how I laughed and then immediately panicked. By nature I’m such a “go with the flow” kinda gal but I knew I would need more structure in my life if I still wanted to run a successful business, be a good mom & wife and keep my health a top priority. I knew it wouldn’t just happen by chance. I decided I was going to have to create systems in my life that gave me more time!⁣

What I Created

• a morning routine⁣
• an evening routine⁣
• weekly braindump ⁣
• time blocking⁣
• weekly meal planning⁣
• Sunday “to do” list⁣

How to Get Started

I decided to run a Time Management Course this Friday- Sunday with videos & PDF’s to help you create the same structure & freedom in your life! Email me at if you want to join!

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