Half Bath Shiplap DIY Project Remodel


This half bath is off our kitchen so gets used a lot by guests so we felt like it was important to start our projects with this bathroom. It’s a small space is our family felt like the dark blue made the room feel even smaller. Our goal was to brighten the room and to have a farmhouse look – this project was simple and cost a total of $200. Dean is a handy man and loves DIY projects! He actually majored in Construction Management in college so he’s in his element here.


Since this is a small 1/2 bathroom without any windows, I wanted to brighten it up. We used Benjamin Moore Winter White for the walls and shiplap which is a super light-gray white. We also always use daylight balance bulbs in bathrooms for clean, crisp light.

DIY 8″ Shiplap

We added shiplap to the back wall since it was so bare. We wanted to give it some visual interest as an accent wall along with the DIY shelving. Since this bathroom does NOT have a shower or bath we DID use 1/4″ plywood as shiplap. However, if there is a shower or bath to cause steam you do not want to use wood for shiplap. The boards could warp and/or grow mold behind them. We used nickel spacing as shown with the plywood cut into 8″ sections which can be done for you at Lowes. To apply the wood to the wall we used 18 gauge 2″ brad nails. We made sure to mark out the studs with a Zircon HD35 Stud finder before nailing. Start from the ceiling and work your way down, but make sure your first board is completely level before nailing.

DIY Farmhouse Floating Shelves

The shelves were a quick, cheap, and easy DIY. Dean cut a small piece of 2×10 wood from Lowes into 24″ shelves – we used douglas fir. We sanded & stained with Early American stain. Our bottom shelf is 22″ off the toilet and the shelves are 16″ apart. We bought these 10″ black iron pipes from Home Depot to use as shelve support and used these caps with black iron flanges to screw to the wall. To secure it, we used these pipe straps. I didn’t like the look of the toilet paper holder being silver so we found these off Amazon.

Bathroom Decorations

Textured Towels – Target

Mini faux rosemary plant

Glass jar

Metal Basket

Faux Eucalyptus Stem

Hand Towel Hook

Glass Cylinder Vase

Soap Pump

HOME sign

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