Never Say Never


In that moment, I lost it… Tears flowing down my face because I felt like I missed something 🙈 Mom guilt took over. I wasn’t planning on bringing them in since they seemed like they were improving… literally only took them in since we were leaving town 🙈⁣

Walking into the clinic today I felt completely silly as I knew for sure this was going to be the typical virus and there is nothing they could do. But never say never, right?

We found out today that Lydia has a heart murmur & because of Dean’s history we need to have it looked at further with a cardiologist at Children’s Mercy. In addition to that, both girls have a left upper lobe pneumonia with double ear infections. ⁣

All is good now. Dean rushed to Walgreen to pick up their steroid, inhaler & antibiotic. My mom, picked the girls up and I made a chart with checked boxes of when & who gets what! I’m confident my mom has this… she did raise 3 kids of her own, right?⁣

I’m gonna be right beside my guy as he heads into his 2nd open heart surgery. And I’m with my girls in spirit. I know they will be in good hands!! ⁣

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