About Us

HEYYYY party people! So many new faces so wanted to introduce myself! 

1. I work hard but also have fun with life… and don’t take myself too seriously!! Hence the photo 😉 Our house rules are “work hard, be kind, smile & have fun” the words Team Shackley lives by!

2. My arms are sore from my secret workout I’m in the middle of… can’t say too much until May 1st! I love feeling sore and workouts where you feel like you may have just died lol! Sweating is my “me time” and my therapy! I need it to be the best version of myself for my family, team & everyone I connect with!!

3. Mama loves food & drinks! 🙂 Yep, anything from a good salmon salad to tacos & margarita’s! HELLLO taco Tuesday! I love that I finally found a nutrition plan that’s sustainable… something where I don’t feel “guilt” for a donut and can still get results in the gym It’s the perfect combination with raising 3 girls to be the example!

4. I love me some Cardi B & Jesus… and I drink & cuss a little too 😉 I’m gonna be me – so if you’re looking for the perfect girl, you’ve come to the wrong spot! 😉

5. I love meeting new women who WANT to serve others! It fires me up to partner with others who want to make the world a better place, who work hard for what they believe in and we build an EMPIRE & LEGACY together! Having a community of women to link arms with has been EVERYTHING for me! They are more like family!

6. I believe you can be a GREAT mom AND have goals of your own. It’s not an either or thing…. Its a BOTH thing! 🙂

7. I work side by side with my husband Dean every day! A big part of why I started this business is to have complete freedom for my family. So last year Dean was able to leave his full time job and work from home along side me, helping me mentor our team and build our business together!

I get asked this allllll the time! Yes, I have 2 year old twins & a 5 year old. Yes, run a successful business! NOOOOO I’m not a super human, super mom, or anything special. I just put one foot in front of the other each day.

Quitting has never been an option! I learned & observed early on that time & consistency has to be the secret weapon. So I’ve just stayed the course & trust the process!