Become an Influencer

Have you ever heard a VISION so big you worried others might laugh at you?

When the idea was planted that I could replace my annual income I was making as a Registered Nurse working in the ER…. I decided to jump in with both feet. The idea of earning more OR even equivalent one day working from home doing something I LOVED lite a fire in my soul. Not only that, but I was serving others along the way… which is just part of who I am anyway. It’s just what I do regardless of the job or field I’m in.

I started without an office or full on business hours. I did my work from my kitchen table…. With an iPhone, notebook & old pink dell computer I had from college. I started with less than 100 followers on Instagram. I started with no social media background. Most laughed at the idea of me starting a business and thought “oh, what a cute little thing she has.” But what they didn’t see was my vision. Everyone has sight. Not everyone has a vision… and last I checked a VISION is free!

I had a vision of one day raising my babies while I worked from home.
I had a vision of not working Christmas in the hospital away from family.
I had a vision of living my healthiest life.
I had a vision of setting my own business hours.
I had a vision of paying off all debt.
I had a vision of taking my family on vacations.
I had a vision of traveling more.
I had a vision of NOT living paycheck to paycheck.
I had a vision of helping others do the same.

And ya know what? That is no longer just a vision because last week I had 2 business partners message me. One make just shy of $800 in a week and the other made just over $1,000 in a week. THAT is the best part of what I do… paying it forward and helping other do what I’ve done.

Dean & I are now taking applications for our next Influencer Program! Just fill out THIS FORM and I will contact you SOON!