Boot Camp

Thinking back to 2 years ago when I looked in the mirror & didn’t recognize the person staring back at me..

When I struggled to find joy.

When I’d walk into my closet and nothing fit exempt over sized sweat pants & maternity clothes.

When it was MUCH harder to get the baby weight off after twins vs my singleton.

When I felt like I would never feel me again.

….I still ache when I think back to that time because I know how real & alone it feels. It feels like you *may* never find yourself again…. you feel guilty having these feeling yet they are very real.

Mama…. if you’re in that season I feel ya. I *thought* that doing something for me would be selfish…. but I truly believe it saved me. It saved me because it brought Kelsey back. And then I could show up in the best way possible for my kids. It helped me get past this season & become the best mom for my 3 littles. Spending time each day in a solid morning routine … gratitude, working out & quiet time to sip coffee and read a book. And surrounding myself with other women who were also working on becoming the best version of themselves was the BEST THING I DID!

I’d love for you to join us next bootcamp! Just fill out THIS FORM and I will contact you soon!